About Touristian

Our Mission

TOURISTIAN provides personalized, responsive travel service, based first and foremost on the travel needs of the client, with special attention to detail, value for cost, and professional courtesy.

These are the principles that guide our actions as a company, and our attitudes about our employees:

-We employ throughout TOURISTIAN the best qualified available travel professionals, regardless of race, gender, or any other difference unrelated to performance. We promote employees on the same basis.
- We recognize the vital importance of continuing employment because of its ultimate tie with the strength and success of our business.
- We build our organization from within. Able achievers have opportunities to advance.
- We pay our employees fairly, with careful attention to the compensation of each individual. Our benefit programs are designed to protect employees in times of need.
- We encourage and reward innovation, personal initiative, leadership, and willingness to manage challenging situations.
- We encourage teamwork within and among branches to most effectively integrate ideas and efforts on behalf of our clients and employees.
- We develop individual strengths with training and coaching on what we do well and how we can do better. We evaluate ourselves on our success in employee development.
- We build and maintain a tradition of personal integrity; doing what’s right for our clients and our business, respecting individuals, and being the best at what we do.

These are the actions that enable us to achieve the leadership and reputation of excellence in the travel business:

- TOURISTIAN develops a rapport with travellers and an understanding of their needs, however diverse. This is the foundation for providing the exceptional service sought by our clients.
- We develop strategies and plans for giving us the competitive advantage needed to meet our business objectives.
- We keep abreast of suppliers’ marketing initiatives in order to provide every competitive benefit to our clients, whether through pricing or through technological or other advances that improve the quality of products and services.
- We seek significant and sustainable competitive advantages in quality, cost, and service, so as to meet our business objectives.
- We creatively and aggressively market all services. We offer our clients unique benefits, distinguished by their originality, cost effectiveness, and efficiency.
- We develop close, mutually productive relationships with our airline, rental car, and hotel suppliers. We work with those associates in ways that are good for their businesses, for Touristian, and, most of all, for our clients.
- We foster a sense of urgency and a receptivity to new ideas. This keeps us ahead of our competition, striving for better service and customer benefits.
- We follow the principles of superior service to achieve continual improvement in everything we do. Whatever level of performance we have achieved today, we know we can, and must, surpass it tomorrow.